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ACH Payments

We know. You’ve seen this a million times before, and your finger is poised to scroll at supersonic speeds to the bottom and get this thing over with. We’re just as bored as you. But this is important.

Formli Payments ACH Authorization

ACH debit payments are the transfer of funds from the bank account you have indicated for the purpose of making a payment for your merchant.

By submitting your order or saving your bank account, you authorize your merchant, and, if applicable, your merchant’s affiliated entities ("Merchant") to debit the bank account specified for any amount owed for charges arising from your use of the Merchant's services and/or purchase of products from the Merchant, pursuant to the Merchant’s website and terms, until this authorization is revoked.

If you use the Merchant’s services or purchase more than one of the Merchant’s products periodically pursuant to Merchant’s terms, you authorize this Merchant to debit your bank account periodically. Payments that fall outside of the periodic debits authorized above will only be debited after your authorization is obtained.

You may amend or cancel this authorization at any time by providing notice to the Merchant with 30 (thirty) days notice prior to the scheduled debit.

The effective date of the current terms set out above is May 1st, 2023.